Investment Firm Mensa Brands: 11% Profit Increase

Mensa Brands has been able to significantly boost profits and revenues for the D2C startups in its investment portfolio

Company Overview

Founded in 2021, Mensa Brands has already established itself as a leading investment firm for D2C digital-first firms. Leveraging its expertise in e-commerce, technology, marketing, category management & demand planning, the company provides crucial investment and strategic support.

Mensa’s aim is to exponentially grow brands in the Home, Apparel, Beauty and Personal Care verticals. To do so, the company needs to ensure the pricing strategies of its clients are carefully optimized to achieve maximum potential profitability and revenue growth.

Discover how 7Learningsʼ predictive pricing solution was used across multiple different brands to achieve profit and revenue maximization targets


  1. As an investment firm, Mensa handles many brands and a large assortment, which makes developing coherent pricing strategies more difficult. Data sources must be aligned across their portfolio.
  2. Manually setting prices for a large number of brands is an incredibly time-consuming process, leading to a loss in productivity. Additionally, it is often the case that certain data points are overlooked, leading to sub-optimal prices.
  3. The industries that Mensa operates in are incredibly competitive, and achieving growth can be difficult. One of the most effective ways to grow a brand is through an optimized pricing strategy, but only if the available data is being used.


  • Mensa carried out A/B testing of the 7Learnings predictive pricing solution across numerous brands in their portfolio
    and was able to achieve increases in profit of up to 11%.
  • Profit and revenue maximization is a key lever in Mensa’s strategy to drive growth for its brands, which it has been able to achieve by implementing the 7Learnings solution.
  • There was also a significant reduction in the amount of manual work required, as the 7Learnings solution enables the automation of pricing decisions.
  • Mensa has also been able to optimize its marketing activities in line with the pricing strategy.
  • Mensa now aims to expand the 7Learnings predictive pricing solution to more of its brand portfolio.

7Learnings helped achieve:

11% increase

of profit

1% uplift

in revenue


Predictive pricing is a powerful tool for D2C brands, and this has been proven as Mensa has successfully implemented the 7Learnings solution across multiple brands in its investment portfolio. Profit and revenue increases have been achieved across all brands using the solution, in line with the stated goals of profit and revenue maximization.
These results demonstrate how predictive pricing can be used across multiple industries to maximize results and achieve business objectives.

7Learnings is doing an amazing job. The growth is there, the numbers are delivering. The impression is that the 7learnings solution is really working.
Ashutosh Kumar Singh
Program Manager - Strategic Finance @ Mensa Brands

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