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Our exclusive community for retail pricing experts offers members invite-only events where retail pricing professionals come together to network and learn from two of the main practitioners in the industry.

Our objective is to create a space for sparking and maintaining lasting connections between retail pricing practitioners, enthusiasts, and experts.

By surrounding yourself with the best retail pricing minds the field has to offer, you can address and learn more about the current challenges, advance your expertise, and expand your network in the industry of retail pricing.

Membership is free of charge, but only selected members are accepted based on the “Conditions for Membership”. To apply, fill in the form below, and we will be in touch soon with the response.

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Conditions for Membership

Our Dynamic Pricing Community membership is free & open to professionals who:

  • Have at least 3 years of professional experience in pricing facing roles, including Pricing, Marketing & C-level. We set this benchmark to keep the discussions relevant and at a high standard of expertise.
  • Are working for a retailer, brand or aggregator. We tailor our guest presentations and events to help you gain the most relevant insights & form lasting connections.
  • Are open to share their expertise and network. This group is for creating and nurturing relationships by discussing and sharing experiences, knowledge and resources
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Voices from Our Community

Meet the speakers

Sheetal Chavan

Pricing Lead at Zalando

Alexander Charatzoglou

Head of Sales Management at

Moritz Tybus

Partner & Managing Director at Kearney

Laurent Dosogne

Chief Value Officer at Philips Latam

Danilo Zatta, PhD, MBA

CEO of Horváth

Daniel Cho

Head of Strategic Pricing Centre of Excellence and Sr. Director of Global Pricing & Competitive Portfolio Analytics at Philips Healthcare

Sven Baumgarten

Head of Pricing at Contorion

José Vela

Director of Pricing at Spandex

Bianca Pontiggia

Head of Pricing & Planning at SellerX

Natasza Włodarczyk

Global Pricing Manager at Avon

Brandon Beckett

Senior Data Analyst in Pricing at Flink

Felix Hoffmann

Co-founder and CEO at 7Learnings

Eiko van Hettinga

Co-founder at 7Learnings

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