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Predictive pricing software for the food & beverage industry

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Our predictive pricing solution helps you to overcome key challenges like ingredient cost volatility, market-driven dynamics, and supply chain uncertainties. Pricing precision that enhances your bottom line.​

AI-based pricing that unlocks profitable potential and maximizes success

Adjust prices dynamically based on seasonal demand fluctuations and the perishable nature of food items

7Learnings forecasts the effect of price changes on inventory levels and shows how to optimize profit over the entire lifecycle of the product. Our solutions helps to ensure the stock and price of your seasonal and perishable items are always in line with expected demand. Not only do we help boost profits, but we also enable the improvement of inventory management, minimization of waste, and prevention of financial losses associated with unsold, perishable inventory.

Adapt prices to volatile supply chains and fluctuations in the costs of materials and ingredients

7Learnings enables adaptive pricing for supply chain volatility and cost fluctuations caused by issues such as inflation. We analyze comprehensive datasets within minutes, meaning you can determine the prices that maximize results under new market conditions quicker than ever before. Adjust prices strategically to offset increased costs, thus preventing margin erosion during periods of supply chain volatility and inflation. 

Adapt prices across various regions on a store or regional cluster level

7Learnings empowers food & beverage retailers to adapt prices to the willingness to pay and cost structure in different regions. Our machine-learning models discern the price elasticity for specific regions and sales channels, enabling you to enact a truly differentiated steering and strategy. As a result, overall profits and revenues are boosted, and a strong presence can be established in multiple markets.

Set the right discounts and create optimal promotions

7Learnings accurately predicts the impact price changes and promotions have on demand, profit, and revenue. By understanding the points at which customer demand increases with high discounting, our solution can be used to select the right products for promotions as well as optimal promotion prices. Improve the impact of your promotions and increase customer satisfaction.

7Learnings in numbers

>10% profit

Wellness Retail Shop Vitafy

+118% profit

Sports Fashion Retailer Intersport Krumholz

+10% Profit

Fashion Retailer

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How does 7Learnings’ predictive pricing solution work?

Employing cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning models, our solution analyzes both internal and external data, including sales, inventory, and market trends. This comprehensive analysis enables our software to make precise predictions regarding the effects of price adjustments on your products. Subsequently, prices can be strategically optimized to align with specific business objectives, whether that entails maximizing profits, increasing revenues, managing inventory levels, or achieving other strategic goals.

Yes, our predictive pricing solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with your backend systems, including Point of Sale (POS) systems and inventory management software. Using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and standardized data formats, the solution can efficiently communicate with your existing technology infrastructure.

We take all necessary steps to protect our clients’ data, including regular penetration tests and certifications. Single user interfaces also help to ensure that your data is protected.

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