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Our AI-powered predictive pricing solution empowers retailers to set optimal prices for assortments of any size and stay ahead in challenging markets

Our predictive pricing solution optimizes your retail pricing for success

Setting the right prices for a large assortment of products​

7Learnings analyzes the data on millions of products and multiple categories in record time. Our machine learning models analyze relevant internal and external data points to discern the effect of price changes on your KPIs. Additionally, we also predict the effect of price changes on key metrics such as cost, returns, and conversions. Then we put you in control - set your profit and revenue targets and we reveal the to the optimal prices needed to achieve your business goals.

Managing inventory effectively to avoid overstock or understock issues

7Learnings ensures prices are optimized towards targets such as profit margin and sell-through rate over the entire lifecycle of the product.Our software is able to accurately forecast the impact of price changes on inventory level, enabling you to set the right prices to achieve the desired sell-through rate. As a result, sales targets are hit, and high profitability is achieved, all while avoiding overstock or understock situations.

Adapting prices to fast-changing marketing conditions​

7Learnings forecasts are updated the moment new data is delivered. Once our system has been fed new data, the forecast updates within minutes, revealing the optimal prices under the latest market conditions. Swiftly adapt your prices to the current landscape without the need for laborious manual calculations.

Adapting prices to sales channels for different countries or regions

7Learnings’ machine learning models determine the price elasticity of products on the channel level. Variables such as cost or customer behavior change from channel to channel. Our software adjusts its optimization recommendations to specific channels or regions to account for the relevant variables. We enable you to adjust your prices based on the market conditions of specific channels, differentiating your pricing strategy and achieving higher profits and revenues.

Achieving the best ROI on performance marketing and pricing campaigns combined​

7Learnings enables you to increase sales, optimize marketing spend, and align your marketing and pricing activities. Our PPC campaign optimization feature accurately predicts the impact of various marketing decisions on traffic, conversion rates, and cost per click (CPC). Update your performance marketing campaigns with the optimal steering settings and sync your marketing and pricing decisions via our joint forecast. With the added ability to optimize your coupon distribution and discounts, our solution ensures sets your bussiness up for success.

7Learnings in numbers

+30% profit

Fashion Retailer dress-for-less

>10% profit

Wellness Retail Shop Vitafy

+10% Profit

Fashion Retailer

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You have questions? We have the answers!

How does 7Learnings’ predictive pricing solution work?

Our solution utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze internal and external data, such as sales, inventory, and market trends. With this data, our software can make accurate predictions on the impact of price changes on your products. Prices can then be optimized in line with business goals, whether that is to maximize profits, maximize revenues, manage inventory levels, or more.

There are several advantages to using our software over alternatives such as rule-based pricing. 7Learnings enables retailers to respond quickly to market changes, leading to increased profitability and competitiveness. With predictive pricing, you can adapt to demand fluctuations, optimize prices for individual products, and avoid common pitfalls of rule-based strategies, such as underpricing or overpricing. This dynamic approach maximizes revenue while minimizing the risk of losing customers due to non-competitive pricing.

No, our solution is user-friendly and designed for easy integration. You won’t need a large IT team to implement or maintain it, and our support team is available to assist you when needed.

Results can vary, but the majority of our clients start seeing significant improvements in profitability and sales within the first few weeks of using our solution.

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