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Upgrade to the next generation of retail pricing

7Learnings’ powerful predictive pricing software provides solutions for retailers across the spectrumfrom ecommerce to omnichannel and stationary retail.

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for retailers

Amplify your retail pricing strategy with predictive pricing

+10% profits and revenues

Our price optimization software increases retail revenues and profits by up to 10%. See tangible benefits in a matter of weeks—not months or years.

Intuitive target steering

Save your teams the effort of managing pricing manually. Our goal driven approach lets retailers optimize prices easily, with just a few clicks.

Forecasted pricing impact

Gain control and security by forecasting pricing decisions before they go live, running different pricing scenarios and refining your retail pricing strategy.

Effortless integration

Our technology seamlessly integrates with any backend system. Our data scientists work with your raw data, providing the cleaning, aggregation and analysis needed to get started.

The simplest way to manage retail pricing and boost profits

data scientists

Machine learning has changed the retail pricing landscape. With 7Learnings’ powerful machine learning-based software, you access agile, adaptive technology that will keep you in pace with your competitors.

Our intelligent software takes the guesswork out of pricing and reduces manual effort. With a few clicks, you can forecast the impact of pricing changes on business goals. It’s the most intuitive price steering method!

Our team of data scientists has vast experience in retail pricing, and understand the unique challenges and needs of the industry.

7Learnings’ technology can also optimize coupons and SEA spending, allowing for powerful cross-marketing optimization capabilities that support growth and profitability.

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