Discover the potential profit uplift that our predictive pricing solution can bring to your business.

Maximize your profit with 7Learnings’ AI powered predictive pricing

7Learnings reveals the optimal prices for all your products and empowers you to amplify your price strategy.

With 7Learnings, pricing teams achieve improved margins with less effort

7Learnings uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to forecast the effect your price decisions have on your KPIs

We compile your raw pricing data and analyze it using AI-powered algorithms to forecast how your pricing decisions will affect performance results including profit, revenue, sales, inventory levels, and more. 

7Learnings’ powerful forecasting capabilities give you the ability to optimize your prices with unrivaled precision. We collect and analyze an extensive range of internal and external data, including historical transactions, product attributes, seasonal factors, competitor data, marketing data, and more, to provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of your pricing strategy. 

Our solution is fast, simple, and effective: simply set your profit and revenue targets and we reveal the optimal prices to achieve your goals within minutes.

The next generation in price optimization software

7Learnings reveals the best price points for your business targets

Set optimal prices for large and diverse assortments

7Learnings uses cutting-edge machine learning models that consolidate and analyze the data on millions of products within minutes. Forecast the effect price changes will have on your KPIs, such as profit, revenue, or sales, and then optimize using our intuitive UI to set the prices needed to achieve your desired results.

Manage your inventory levels with ease

Our solution pinpoints the price elasticity for each of your products and thus can forecast how price adjustments will affect your inventory levels. We empower you to set optimal prices across the entire lifecycle of your products, ensuring sell-through targets are hit, high profitability is achieved, and overstock or understock situations are avoided.

Adapt prices to fast-changing and challenging market conditions

Forecasts in the 7Learnings predictive pricing solution are updated as soon as new data is delivered, enabling you to adjust your prices to new market conditions faster than ever before. This guarantees that your prices are always optimal and always up-to-date.

Optimize prices for sales channels in different countries and regions

Our machine learning models understand and adapt to the unique price elasticity of different sales channels, including various countries and regions. Adjust your prices to the specific demand in each sales channel to achieve maximum profitability. 7Learnings empowers you to create a truly differentiated pricing strategy.

Comparison Rule-based vs. Predictive Pricing

Learn about the differences between pricing strategies.



Sets prices based on a predefined set of rules.



Dynamically adjusts prices based on predicted outcomes.

Supports rule based pricing
Utilization of competitor prices
Learns automatically from past price changes
Algorithm considers all relevant data features (e.g. transactions, weather, seasonality)
Utilizes price elasticity
Predicts price change impact on KPIs
Optimal prices for private label products & bundles
Channel specific pricing (e.g. country)
Long-tail pricing & initial pricing
Goal driven steering across the assortment
Considers and cross-optimizes marketing decisions (e.g. coupons, promotions or performance marketing )

How AI can optimize​

Unlock the greatest ROI from your performance marketing campaigns​

Make better marketing and pricing decisions to achieve your business goals with our performance marketing optimization software.

Unlock the full potential of your data and increase your revenues and profits by 10% on average

Step into the future of pricing with software that does the heavy lifting for you. See here how 7Learnings works and how we elevate your business results. 

Discover Our Successful Clients

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How Vitafy Uses Price Optimization and Demand Forecasting to Boost their Profit and Sales

7Learnings helped Vitafy find a solution that could deal with an increasing number of SKUs, tap into existing margin potential and automate the pricing process.

Online Pharmacy Apologistics Gains Significant Profit & Revenue Uplift Despite Highly Competitive Market

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You have questions? We have answers.

How does the predictive pricing solution by 7Learnings work?

Our solution employs advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze both internal and external data, including sales, inventory, and market trends. Leveraging this information, our software generates precise predictions regarding the impact of price adjustments on your products. Prices can then be optimized to align with specific business objectives, whether it’s maximizing profits, increasing revenues, managing inventory levels, or other goals.

Utilizing our software provides numerous advantages compared to alternatives like rule-based pricing. 7Learnings empowers retailers to swiftly respond to market changes, resulting in enhanced profitability and competitiveness. Predictive pricing enables you to adapt to fluctuations in demand, fine-tune prices for individual products, and sidestep common pitfalls associated with rule-based strategies, such as underpricing or overpricing. This dynamic approach maximizes revenue while minimizing the risk of losing customers due to non-competitive pricing.

No, our solution is designed to be user-friendly and seamlessly integrated. You won’t require a sizable IT team for implementation or maintenance, and our support team is readily available to assist you as needed.

While results can vary, the majority of our clients experience significant improvements in profitability and sales within the initial weeks of implementing our solution.

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