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Intelligent predictive pricing: the key to success for B2B retailers

B2B retail is increasingly competitive and complex. With predictive pricing, B2B retailers are equipped to make intelligent pricing decisions that protect their profit margins. 

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Maximize the results of your B2B pricing strategy

Higher profitability

Our predictive pricing software helps B2B retailers make smart pricing decisions that are based on the full spectrum of influential factors - not just on competitor prices.

Intelligent price setting for market segments

Tap the full potential of your data to determine customer willingness to pay for each customer segment. Set prices accordingly to boost profits and revenue.

Forecasted pricing impact

Gain control and security by forecasting price changes before they go live, running different pricing scenarios and using them to refine your B2B retail pricing strategy.

Intuitive target steering

Save your teams the effort of managing pricing manually. Our goal-driven approach allows B2B retailers to optimize prices easily, with just a few clicks.

Making B2B retail pricing simple, predictive and goal-driven

data science team

Machine learning has changed the retail pricing landscape. With 7Learnings’ powerful machine learning-based software, you access agile, adaptive technology that will keep you in pace with your competitors.

7Learnings’ software learns the price elasticity across product assortments, and can optimize prices for low selling items.

With predictive pricing, B2B brands can define their targets in line with their strategy and goals, and the technology determines which prices will help them achieve these as quickly as possible.

Our team of data scientists has vast experience in retail pricing – across e-commerce, D2C, B2B and more – and understands the unique challenges and needs of the industry today.

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