Discover the potential profit uplift that our predictive pricing solution can bring to your business.

AI-powered B2B pricing for boosted profits and faster growth

Smart prices, sharp business

7Learnings leverages data-based price optimization to deliver a shortcut to higher margins and efficient inventory management.​​

Optimize your B2B pricing strategy and gain a competitive edge

Optime list prices for B2B retailers

7Learnings’ advanced price elasticity modeling shows how changes in list prices will impact the quantity demanded. With our advanced machine learning algorithms, you can make data-driven decisions to adjust your prices to market dynamics. By optimizing list prices, you will improve overall profitability.

Localize price strategies

7Learnings analyzes factors influencing demand and conversions on a channel level. Our global price optimization functionality quickly analyzes markets, currencies, and other influencing factors to define optimal prices on a regional or channel level. Pricing simulations reduce manual work and risk while enabling you to grow your customers fast.

Steer prices for online shops with large assortments

Optimize prices for competitive online market conditions with powerful AI algorith s. We go beyond competitor research analyzing a vast set of data, including customer behavior and market dynamics, to then generate recommendations for optimal prices on a product level. Configure the tool to your specific goals, and let the software set the prices needed to achieve them.

Thrive in online marketplaces with fierce competition

The 7Learnings solution continuously monitors prices from relevant aggregators and marketplaces. We take the manual work out of monitoring competing websites. Our AI-powered analytic capabilities monitor the e-commerce landscape and enable you to adjust prices fast, even on autopilot, to offer the best deals.

7Learnings in numbers

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B2B Display Retailer Displays2go

>10% Profit

Fashion Retailer

>5% profit

Furniture Retailer Raumschmiede

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B2B Retailer Displays2go Boosts Profits by Over 5%

Discover how 7Learnings enabled Displays2Go to utilize their data to its full potential and use it to determine the price points that would maximize their business targets.


All answers to your questions.

How does 7Learnings’ predictive pricing software work?

Our software employs machine learning and advanced algorithms to analyze both internal and external factors, such as sales patterns, stock levels, and market dynamics. Based on these analyses our solution can precisely predict how changes in prices will affect demand, sales, and profits. You can set your business goals such as revenue maximization, inventory management, etc., and let the software steer or recommend your price adjustments to reach these goals faster.

We’re well-equipped to make the most of whatever data you have. Our system is designed to perform efficiently even with limited data sets, learning from different product categories. We are confident that you will experience better results with 7Learnings in a matter of weeks compared to your current setup.

7Learnings’ platform integrates seamlessly with a wide range of backend systems. Our team of data scientists will transform your raw data into a structured format that is ready to use for the pricing algorithms. Rest assured, we will support you at every step of the setup process.

Results can differ, but most of our clients usually report notable improvements in both profitability and sales within the first few weeks of implementing our solution.

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