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Learn how 7Learnings optimizes your pricing and marketing decisions.

Data transport & data definitions

7Learnings is constantly updating the technical documentation on all things to do with our data and APIs. This comprehensive document introduces you to our predictive pricing solution and provides you with initial information on data transport and data definitions.

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About 7Learnings

7Learnings represents the next generation in retail pricing and optimization. Our solution works on a simple principle: we forecast the effect of pricing decisions on the key performance indicators of our clients. These forecasts are measured against the client’s business objectives, which the software uses to run optimizations and determine the pricing scenario that will maximize results.

Data cleaning & collection
First, we gather all the data relevant for your price optimization.

Deep learning-powered profit and revenue forecasting
Then, our software uses cutting-edge machine learning models to identify drivers of demand and price elasticity.

Price optimizations tailored to your needs
Profit and revenue is forecasted for all relevant price points, which can then be used to optimize strategy.

Goal-driven price steering
To optimize pricing, simply set your revenue or profit target and optimum prices are delivered in minutes.

Cross-marketing optimization
7Learnings’ innovative technology doesn’t stop at price optimization – it can also optimize coupons and SEA spending for you.

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