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Performance Marketing Optimization

7Learnings enables you to increase sales and optimize marketing spend while aligning Marketing and Sales teams by using advanced AI algorithms.

Take your PPC campaign optimization to the next level

Make better marketing and pricing decisions to achieve your business goals

We compile your raw marketing data and analyze it using AI-powered algorithms to forecast how your campaign settings will affect performance results including profit, revenue, conversion, inventory levels, and more.

7Learnings goes beyond other PPC optimization tools currently on the market by compiling and analyzing an extensive set of data that includes pre-purchase and post-purchase metrics so that you can pinpoint the demand for your products with unrivaled accuracy. Set your revenue or profit target, and we will show you the marketing steering settings needed to achieve your goals.


How AI can optimize PPC performance

Make better marketing and pricing decisions to achieve your business goals

Leverage predictive analytics

Our solution is able to accurately predict the effects of your marketing steering options on profit, revenue, conversion, CPC, and marketing cost by product.

Use the full potential of your data

We go beyond traditional tools to account for post-purchase data such as returns data, outbound costs, and even identify products that drive lifetime value, so you optimize for long-term profitability.

Harmonise pricing & marketing

Break down the silos that usually separate these departments. 7Learnings enables you to optimize pricing and marketing in sync, streamlining your marketing and pricing strategies and helping you to maximize your key performance indicators.

Seamless integration

We integrate the data from your marketing campaigns, such as on Amazon or Google Shopping, using custom APIs for maximum efficiency. 7Learnings does the heavy lifting for you, and we can integrate, compile, and analyze data from multiple platforms.

Smart automation

Save time and effort by using our smart automation settings to update your marketing steering.

7Learnings delivers the most effective way to maximize your PPC campaign performance by taking your marketing data and turning it into actionable insights.

Marketing teams face a lot of complexity in handling various campaigns across multiple channels, often achieving only thin margins. We have developed a solution that addresses the main pain points faced by PPC managers:

Making the most of all available data

7Learnings does the heavy lifting for you, collecting the data from your performance marketing campaigns via API, scrubbing it, and analyzing it using the power of AI. We generate actionable insights to help you achieve the maximum ROI from your campaigns.


Relying on limited tools to improve campaign performance

7Learnings uses advanced machine learning algorithms to accurately forecast campaign performance. This is the most effective, cutting-edge way to optimize and improve your campaigns – don’t rely on guesswork.

Finding the optimal marketing steering options

Profit and revenue targets can be set in our UI, after which our software will reveal the optimal campaign settings to achieve your goals. Update your campaigns and watch your profitability soar.

Managing multiple campaigns in different channels

Our solution enables you to manage all of your performance marketing campaigns from one dashboard. No need for multiple spreadsheets – view all of your results in one place.

Discover Our Successful Clients

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How Vitafy Uses Price Optimization and Demand Forecasting to Boost their Profit and Sales

7Learnings helped Vitafy find a solution that could deal with an increasing number of SKUs, tap into existing margin potential and automate the pricing process.

Online Pharmacy Apologistics Gains Significant Profit & Revenue Uplift Despite Highly Competitive Market

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Harness the power of AI to optimize prices

With 7Learnings Pricing Optimization, pricing teams achieve improved margins with less effort.


Need to know more? Here are answers to the most common questions.

How does 7Learnings’ performance marketing optimization work?​

Our solution utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze raw marketing data, such as channel details, total clicks, paid clicks, marketing spend, competitor data, and customer data. With this data, our software can make accurate predictions on the impact different marketing steering options have on your margins. Campaigns can then be optimized in line with business goals, whether that is to maximize profits, maximize revenues, manage inventory levels, or more.

When it comes to marketing optimization and pricing optimization, the conventional approach has been to keep them distinct despite the fact that both drive consumer demand and have many interdependencies. Cross-marketing optimization refers to the optimization of marketing activities in conjunction with pricing decisions and strategy, a best practice that leads to higher profits.

Results can vary, but the majority of our clients start seeing significant improvements in marketing campaign performance within the first few weeks of using our solution.

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