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Data driven pricing: the key to a successful D2C strategy

In a crowded retail landscape, data driven pricing is an essential differentiator that helps brands build a successful D2C sales strategy. 7Learning’s predictive pricing software helps brands make smart pricing decisions that drive their business goals.



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Data driven pricing: the key to a successful D2C strategy

Increased profitability

Our price optimization software allows you to set attractive prices within the boundaries of your strategy, while ensuring high profitability of your D2C channel.

Forecasted pricing impact

Gain control of your D2C pricing by forecasting the effect of different pricing strategies on your business targets. Refine your D2C strategy by running different pricing scenarios to measure impact, before going live.

Optimized prices across all channels

Tailor pricing strategies and objectives to specific sales channels. Easily simulate price changes to find the optimal balance of prices across all channels, from resellers to D2C.

Effortless integration

Our technology seamlessly integrates with any backend system. Our data scientists work with your raw data, providing the cleaning, aggregation and analysis needed to get started.

Gain data-driven insights to improve your D2C pricing strategy and grow your profits

7learnings solution

Machine learning has changed the retail pricing landscape. With 7Learnings’ powerful machine learning-based software, you access agile, adaptive technology that will keep you in pace with your competitors. 

Traditional pricing methods are outdated and ineffective for brands that follow a D2C strategy. With predictive pricing, you can tap the full potential of your data to learn about your customer’s behavior, and utilize these insights to improve your D2C pricing decisions.

With predictive pricing, D2C brands can define their targets in line with their strategy and goals, and the technology determines which prices will help them achieve these as quickly as possible. 

7Learnings’ technology can also optimize discounts and SEA spending, allowing for powerful cross-marketing optimization capabilities that support growth and profitability.

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