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Predictive pricing software for the fashion industry

Set prices that are always in fashion

7Learnings uses the power of AI to help fashion brands and retailers optimize their pricing strategy and achieve the maximum ROI​

Set prices that maximize profits
without sacrificing market position

Optimize prices across the entire product lifecycle

7Learnings combines both long and short-term forecasts for demand, profit, and revenue, giving an overall view of the entire product lifecycle. Our system takes a holistic approach to profit optimization, considering every relevant factor including expected returns and the salvage value of stock at the end of a product's lifecycle. With 7Learnings you can set optimal prices throughout the entire lifecycle and create the best possible markdown sequence.

Set prices for specific regions and channels

With 7Learnings you can go granular: set the optimal prices for each product per region, country, or even specific channel. We use advanced machine learning models to understand and adapt to the price elasticity specific to each sales channel. We also consider the varying cost structures so you can always identify the best prices for your products. As a result, your offerings remain highly competitive, maximizing profits without sacrificing market position.

Achieve the best ROI on performance marketing and pricing campaigns combined

7Learnings empowers you to boost sales, streamline marketing expenditure, and synchronize your marketing and pricing initiatives. Our PPC campaign optimization tool precisely forecasts the consequences of different marketing choices on traffic, conversion rates, and cost per click (CPC). Discover the optimal steering settings and align your marketing and pricing strategies using our joint forecast. Additionally, you can optimize your coupon distribution and discounts, guaranteeing that each decision aligns with your business objectives.

Set prices for new products, variants of products, and long-tail or low-selling products

7Learnings’ advanced algorithms discern the optimal prices for products even at the beginning of their lifecycle. Our system learns price elasticities across products by analyzing various attributes, such as categories and color preferences. As a result, we predict the impact of price changes even for products with a low amount of transactions such as low-selling items, new products, and variants. This allows for precise pricing strategies, enabling you to achieve higher profit margins for popular variants while avoiding overstock of less popular ones.

7Learnings in numbers

>5% profit

Furniture Retailer Raumschmiede

>10% profit

Wellness Retail Shop Vitafy

+10% Profit

Fashion Retailer

Discover Our Successful Clients

Online Pharmacy Apologistics Gains Significant Profit & Revenue Uplift Despite Highly Competitive Market

Read about how 7Learnings helped one of Europe‘s fastest growing online pharmacies to significantly increase its profitability and revenue by implementing advanced machine-learning based pricing.

Fashion Retailer INTERSPORT Krumholz: +118% profit

Fashion retailer InterSport Krumholz achieves a clear and significant boost to profits and revenues by leveraging predictive pricing.


You have questions? We have answers!

What are the advantages of using 7Learnings’ predictive pricing software for fashion brands and retailers?

7Learnings is an ideal solution for fashion brands and retailers as it is particularly adept at handling assortments of all sizes and products that have many variations. We enable you to find the optimal prices for each sales channel, and across the entire lifecycle of your products, taking into account metrics such as expected returns and the salvage value of stock. As a result, our clients achieve a profit and revenue boost of 10% on average.

We maximize the potential of your existing data and assure superior outcomes compared to your current solutions. Our 7Learnings solution adapts and learns from the products in your portfolio, allowing us to operate effectively even with limited data. Typically, we require around 100 overall price changes and 2-3 adjustments for high-selling items. Our models are already familiar with specific elasticity drivers and can identify them, even without explicit price alterations.

Yes, our optimization algorithm does not depend on competitor data and delivers optimal prices for these product types.

Of course! Our solution can also optimize low-selling products because our algorithm learns across products and attributes.

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