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Our guests, industry thought leaders, share their expertise. We will equip you with the knowledge to make informed pricing decisions that drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

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Explore the essence of holistic pricing with the latest episode from the Retail Pricing Insights Podcast, featuring Sven Baumgarten. Uncover the synergy between departments and the role of AI in pricing optimization for retail success.
Dive into the key differences between retail and online marketplace pricing strategies in this insightful episode of the Retail Pricing Insights Podcast. Learn from the experiences of Diana Zharovskikh from Deliveroo and uncover actionable strategies for your business.
Discover the transformative power of pricing departments in eCommerce with Florian Serr from MediaMarkt Saturn. This insightful podcast episode unpacks analytics, strategy, and future trends in pricing. A must-listen for retail professionals.
In a shorter version: Uncover the significant impact of inflation on fashion retail pricing strategies with Lorenzo Zacchia. This episode provides crucial insights and strategies for navigating economic shifts, essential for anyone in the fashion retail sector.
For a more concise teaser: Dive into how AI and ML models support margin maintenance amidst high inflation with Dr. Yola Engler. Discover strategic insights for pricing in challenging economic conditions in this must-listen podcast episode.
Explore the nuances of omni-channel pricing with Sahin Tuzsoy from LUQOM GROUP. This episode offers a deep dive into aligning pricing strategies across channels for better customer experience, tackling both B2B and B2C challenges. Essential for anyone in retail seeking to optimize their pricing approach.

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