AI-powered pricing for Amazon sellers

Precision pricing for prime profits

7Learnings empowers Amazon sellers to optimize their pricing strategy and PPC campaigns’ outcomes. Get in the buy box and reach your growth goals fast.

Optimize your Amazon pricing to maximize profits with minimal effort.

Win the buy box to improve visibility & conversions

7Learnings algorithms optimize for buy box performance and help up your profits significantly. Our machine learning models understand Amazon’s algorithm and monitors pricing dynamics on the platform in near real-time, so you can quickly make informed price adjustments. Let the AI-powered tool follow your guidelines to improve your brand's visibility and outrank the competition.

Set the best prices even for large, diverse assortments

7Learnings analyzes the data on millions of products and multiple categories in record time. We enable you to monitor the market and anticipate how Amazon’s algorithm will react to price changes. Use insights from a comprehensive range of internal and external data to find optimal price points on a product level, giving you a competitive advantage and maximizing sales.

Effectively manage inventory to avoid overstock and understock issues

7Learnings enables you to optimize inventory levels toward your business goals. Use the demand forecasting and predictive pricing features to understand how internal and external factors influence demand and profits for specific products over a season. Achieve increased revenue while avoiding stockouts or overstock situations.

Set prices that attract customers without losing margins

7Learnings algorithms optimize prices according to your profitability goals. We continuously monitor all relevant factors and recommend optimals prices so you can increase sales without compromising your overall profitability. Just set your margin goals and replace tedious trial and error with quick AI-informed adjustments.

Achieve the best ROI on performance marketing campaigns

7Learning optimizes marketing and pricing strategy together to help you improve ROAS. Our PPC campaign optimization tool provides precise insights into the potential outcomes of different marketing decisions on traffic, conversion rates, and cost per click (CPC). Improve the efficiency of your performance marketing initiatives by integrating optimal steering settings. Align your marketing and pricing strategies seamlessly using our joint forecasting and optimization features. Additionally, enhance your control over coupon distribution and discounts, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent and pricing decision made contributes to achieving your business goals.

Discover Our Successful Clients Automates Pricing Decisions and Achieves a 13% Revenue Increase With Predictive Pricing

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How Vitafy Uses Price Optimization and Demand Forecastinng to Boost their Profit and Sales

7Learnings helped Vitafy find a solution that could deal with an increasing number of SKUs, tap into existing margin potential and automate the pricing process.

Fashion Retailer INTERSPORT Krumholz: +118% profit

Fashion retailer InterSport Krumholz achieves a clear and significant boost to profits and revenues by leveraging predictive pricing.


You have questions? We have the answer.

What’s the difference between Amazon repricing tools and 7Learnings?

Traditional repricing tools optimize prices based on fixed and usually basic rules, largely bound to  competitors’ behavior. However, in a complex and dynamic environment such as the Amazon marketplace, winning pricing strategies take lots of influencing factors into account. Therefore, 7Learnings uses advanced machine learning algorithms that analyze a comprehensive set of internal and external data in real-time and deliver pricing recommendations according to individual business goals (max profits, max revenue, inventory levels, and more). 

Amazon hasn’t published how they choose their buy box sellers. However, pricing seems to play a crucial part in the choice. As 7Learnings predictive pricing algorithms can optimize prices in real-time to be the best choice for a customer, we have seen significant visibility improvements for Amazon sellers using our software.

Our solution is browser-based, so there is no need for complex implementation. Integration with your CRM or sales software is simple, and our customer success team will guide and assist you all the way.

Outcomes differ, but most of our customers begin to notice substantial improvements in both sales and profitability after just a few weeks of using our solution.

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