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Who are we?

A team of pricing industry experts and innovators,
passionate about creating the next generation of pricing

7Learnings Dynamic Pricing Founders

Our mission

7Learnings helps retailers optimize their pricing with our predictive pricing software. Our solution uses advanced machine learning models to forecast demand for different price points with high accuracy. We offer the most intuitive way to steer prices. Our prices simply maximize the business goals set by our clients.

"Today, predictive pricing is the fastest and most easy-to-implement lever
that retailers can use to increase their profits."

Felix Hoffman, 7Learnings co-founder
7Learnings Team

Our story

After starting his career as a pricing consultant at A.T. Kearney, 7Learnings co-founder Felix Hoffman was in charge of Zalando’s global pricing algorithm. There, he gained first hand expertise in the power of machine learning technology for pricing. With this experience as its foundation, the 7Learnings team has developed a next generation pricing software built on the most advanced machine learning technology.

We empower businesses with:

Our founders

7Learnings Dynamic Pricing Founder Felix

Felix Hoffmann

Felix is an ex-Zalando Product Owner of their global price optimization algorithm. Previously, he worked 6 years as a pricing consultant for A.T. Kearney. At 7Learnings he is responsible for customer success, product management and human resources.


Eiko van Hettinga

Eiko is an ex-Thermondo-COO with a proven track record of scaling an e-commerce start-up to market leadership. Previously, he worked as a strategy consultant with Siemens. At 7Learnings he is responsible for sales and finance.


Martin Nowak

Martin is an ex-Mobisol Data Science Lead with 10 years of experience in software engineering and machine learning. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at Ableton. At 7Learnings he is responsible for data science and engineering.

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