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Predictive pricing software for the spare parts industry

Rev up your profit engine

Set optimal prices for assortments of all sizes with our next-generation predictive pricing solution. Our precision pricing gives spare parts retailers a competitive edge.

Ensure your assortment is perfectly priced down to each individual product

Set optimal prices for large assortments

7Learnings uses AI to analyze the data on millions of products within minutes. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze large assortments of spare parts in record time. Our approach enables you to optimally set prices on the entirety of your assortment, maximizing revenue and profitability.

Set optimal prices in rapidly changing markets

7Learnings algorithms rapidly adjust for new datasets such as demand, seasonality, and competitor pricing. We give you the ability to stay ahead of market developments, respond promptly to intraday fluctuations in purchase prices and stock availability, and optimize pricing for maximum profitability.

Adjust prices for long-tail products

7Learnings analyzes various product attributes to pinpoint price elasticity for even the most niche products. Our solution enables you to create a tailored pricing strategy for products in the long tail, learning across different product attributes, such as categories and color preferences, so we can discern optimal prices even when data is scarce. Maximize revenue for your niche products by avoiding underpricing or overpricing.

Set optimal prices for product bundles

7Learnings optimizes the pricing of bundled products while considering the interdependence of items like tires and rims. We are able to discern the optimal prices for your product bundles even in the absence of certain datasets, such as competitor data. Streamline the pricing process for bundles, while also ensuring that combined product offerings are priced attractively for improved profitability.

7Learnings in numbers

>10% profit

Wellness Retail Shop Vitafy

+118% profit

Sports Fashion Retailer Intersport Krumholz

+10% Profit

Fashion Retailer

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Fashion Retailer INTERSPORT Krumholz: +118% profit

Fashion retailer InterSport Krumholz achieves a clear and significant boost to profits and revenues by leveraging predictive pricing.


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How does 7Learnings’ predictive pricing solution handle a large and diverse inventory of spare parts?

Our solution uses advanced algorithms and AI-driven technologies to analyze and optimize prices for a wide range of spare parts, considering factors such as transactions, cost, product categories, and market conditions, to name a few

Absolutely. The 7Learnings solution is able to consolidate and analyze large volumes of data within minutes, giving you the ability to adapt your prices to account for internal or external factors in record time.

Most of our clients start seeing significant improvements in profitability and sales within the first few weeks of using our solution. Of course, results can vary.

Yes, it is possible to do this.

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