Online Pharmacy Apologistics Gains Significant Profit & Revenue Uplift Despite Highly Competitive Market

Read about how 7Learnings helped one of Europe‘s fastest growing online pharmacies to significantly increase its profitability and revenue by implementing advanced machine-learning based pricing.

Company Overview is one of the fastest growing online pharmacies in Europe and offers more than 100.000 different products to over 4 million customers. Their brands include,, and many more. significantly increased its profitability and revenue by implementing advanced machine-learning based pricing


  1. Highly competitive, fast changing environment.
  2. Reduce effort for price management.
  3. Increase profitability while maintaining high revenue growth.


  • Achieved double-digit increase in profitability with a simultaneous uplift in revenue.
  • Greatly simplified the pricing process by automating price optimization and demand forecasting.
  • Supported Apologistics in translating their overarching strategy into its operational pricing process.

7Learnings helped achieve:

Double digit

profit uplift

Single digit

revenue uplift

Conclusion was able to use the transformative power of 7Learnings’ machine learning-based pricing solution on their operations. By adopting these advanced strategies, not only achieved a significant boost in profitability but also streamlined its pricing processes, demonstrating the solution’s efficacy in a competitive digital marketplace.

The 7Learnings solution has signifcantly increased our proftability and greatly simplifed the pricing process.
Dirk Wappler
CEO & Co-founder @ Apologistics

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