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Category: Team

Senior Data Scientist at 7Learnings

Meet Mojca, our Senior Data Scientist

Did you know that more than half our staff are data scientists? As we’re expanding our team x3, let’s walk down the memory and look back at how we started in 2019.  We sat down with Mojca, senior data scientist at 7Learnings, one of our first employees, to learn more about the growth journey of

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First-time speaker at WomenTech Network: A story told by Ananya

A couple of weeks ago, Ananya had a chance to be a featured speaker at the Women in Tech Global Conference 2022 organized by WomenTech Network.  It is the world’s largest community dedicated to female professionals in tech to date. Empowering and motivating women are the backbone of their mission. Ananya’s journey at WomenTech Network

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