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Category: Machine Learning

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3 ways AI will shape retail in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that is increasingly shaping the activities of retailers; although adoption is still in the early stages, 60% of retailers intend to boost their investment into AI over the next 18 months. The reasons for such significant investment are that AI has the ability to both overcome some of the

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A new generation of retail: innovative uses of AI in retail

AI in Retail There are many diverse applications within retail, some of which have been quietly utilized under the radar for years. Others are more modern and are helping to change and improve the way retailers operate.  Whether you’re looking at marketing, customer service or even operations, there are many uses for AI in retail.

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Demand forecasting: a new use for machine learning in retail

Demand forecasting, a part of predictive analytics, aims to improve business management while also meeting critical KPIs by using this data to understand and predict customer demand. By relying on historical sales data, the latest statistical techniques, and algorithms, it is possible to use demand forecasting to estimate future sales.

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Price optimization with machine learning: what every retailer should know

Updated January 2024 Traditional price optimization and its limitations Optimizing prices in a manner which both maximizes profits and avoids discouraging customers from purchasing has always been a challenge for retailers.  To manage price optimization, retailers have typically used traditional, rule-based methods. These methods involve the manual analysis of customer and market data, whereby pricing

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Optimized long tail pricing with machine learning technology

What is the “long tail theory”? So why do companies deal with the complexity of large assortments and offer all kinds of niche products to their customers? The answer to this question was brought to life by Wired’s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson. Anderson theorized that consumers in the modern economy are increasingly shifting away from a smaller number

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When does outsourcing of AI projects make sense?

The importance of well prepared “make-or-buy” decisions The dilemma of whether to keep critical functions in-house or outsource them has taken the front lines, as companies come under increasing pressure to cut expenses and improve their return on assets. Especially for IT and technology departments the importance of well prepared make-or-buy decisions cannot be emphasized enough.

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