The 11th DPC event was held on the 5th of September 2023 with a total of 31 attendees including companies such as Flaconi, Babymarkt, Hartmann, Flink, Westwing, and Phoenix Group.

Setting the Stage

Insights from Felix Hoffmann, CEO at 7Learnings

“Seasonal pricing is a very difficult topic,” acknowledged Felix Hoffmann, Co-Founder and CEO of 7Learnings during DPC event vol.11. In his opening statement, Felix emphasized the intricacies of the subject matter and hinted at the challenges retailers face when managing pricing strategies.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Challenges

Felix shared insights into 7Learnings’ journey, noting that they initially prioritized short-term price optimization, believing it to be the most critical aspect. “I guess also in many retail cases, you don’t have the stock problem,” he remarked, highlighting the importance of reacting swiftly in today’s retail landscape.

Unveiling Seasonal Prediction

However, Felix unveiled a game-changing addition to their approach: “We recently actually launched a second prediction, which we call seasonal prediction—and that’s also basically the feature that I want to present today.” He underscored the challenge of long-term pricing and introduced the core concept of seasonal prediction as a solution.

Complexities of Seasonal Pricing

Felix delved into the complexities of seasonal pricing, focusing on two crucial scenarios: selling too fast and selling too slow. He painted a vivid picture of the consequences of each scenario, illustrating how they impact profit margins and customer satisfaction.

The Balancing Act

To navigate these complexities, Felix offered a snapshot of 7Learning’s solution, featuring short-term and long-term profit predictions. He stressed the importance of striking a balance, stating, “The seasonal profit rule is a simple idea that you say, ‘You want to maximize profit maybe in the short run, but you do not want to go too far away from the long-term seasonal profit.'”

Dynamic Factors and Seasonality

Felix highlighted that prediction accuracy hinges on various factors, such as return rates, costs, competitor prices, and seasonality. These elements constantly evolve, especially for products with a more extended sales window, further complicating the pricing equation. He also discussed the influence of seasonality on product demand, using the example of sunscreen.

Seizing Opportunities and Continuous Adaptation

Felix elaborated on strategies to capitalize on increased demand, such as raising prices during high-demand periods. He emphasized the necessity of continuous adaptation at the product level, stating, “You have to adjust this calculation every week at least because there is a lot of dynamics in there.” He underlined the importance of staying agile in the dynamic landscape of seasonal pricing.

A Promising Solution and Conclusion

In the concluding chapter, Felix summarized the presentation, highlighting how 7Learnings’ solution could assist retailers in navigating the complexities of seasonal pricing more efficiently. He left the audience with a deeper understanding of this intricate art and a glimpse into the future of pricing optimization.


Q5: Ruta Donovan (DPC event Moderator): Felix, how long did it take to develop the new feature, and what were the key lessons learned?

A5: Felix Hoffmann, CEO at 7Learnings: It took four and a half years to develop. Learnings are essential, and reevaluation is often overlooked in pricing.

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