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Step into the future of pricing with software that does the heavy lifting for you. 7Learnings ensures that every pricing decision aligns with your business goals, significantly reducing manual effort and steering your pricing decisions toward maximum profitability.

the strategy

1. Profit Margin > 20%
2. Optimal Price > Min Competitor Price

How 7Learnings unlocks your potential

Unlock the Power of
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See why Predictive Pricing is the solution for your business challenges and learn how our platform works in our short video.

Step into the future of pricing technology

Predictive pricing enables a proactive pricing strategy that harnesses the complete power of your data

Price Optimization

Powered by advanced machine-learning algorithms, our predictive pricing solution forecasts how your pricing decisions affect performance results including profit, revenue, sales, conversion rates, and more. With these insights, you can set prices that are not just competitive but also aligned with your business goals, whether that is maximizing profit, revenue, hitting sell-through targets, or more.

Performance Marketing Optimization

Maximize the ROI from your performance marketing campaigns with our advanced AI algorithms. We go beyond traditional PPC tools to analyze a comprehensive set of pre and post-purchase data, giving you greater insights than ever before. Set your revenue or profit target, and we will show you the marketing steering settings needed to achieve your goals. Additionally, our software enables you to optimize your pricing and marketing in sync for an average 15% profit boost.

See how we can improve your business

Maximize your results with predictive pricing

+10% profits and revenues

Our price optimization software increases revenues and profits by up to 10%. See tangible benefits in a matter of weeks - not months or years.

AI-powered forecasting

See how changes to your pricing or campaign settings will affect metrics like profit, revenue, demand, and more. Move from a reactive to a proactive approach by running different scenarios and refining your strategy

Reduce your manual work by 80%

Our goal-driven approach lets you optimize prices easily with just a few clicks. The self-learning algorithm adapts to new information in record time, saving you the effort of manually adjusting to each market shift.

Sync marketing with pricing

Our software enables you to optimize your pricing and marketing in sync. This is the most efficient way to reduce friction between pricing and marketing - and joint optimization of both marketing and pricing can increase profits by up to 15%.

Connect all your data sources

7Learnings seamlessly integrates with all your data sources and provides over 140 connectors. We take care of all your data sources. 

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higher profitability


higher revenue


decrease of manual work

Comparison Rule-based vs. Predictive Pricing

Learn about the differences between pricing strategies.



Sets prices based on a predefined set of rules.



Dynamically adjusts prices based on predicted outcomes.

Supports rule based pricing
Utilization of competitor prices
Learns automatically from past price changes
Algorithm considers all relevant data features (e.g. transactions, weather, seasonality)
Utilizes price elasticity
Predicts price change impact on KPIs
Optimal prices for private label products & bundles
Channel specific pricing (e.g. country)
Long-tail pricing & initial pricing
Goal driven steering across the assortment
Considers and cross-optimizes marketing decisions (e.g. coupons, promotions or performance marketing )

Discover Our Successful Clients

Online Pharmacy Apologistics Gains Significant Profit & Revenue Uplift Despite Highly Competitive Market

Read about how 7Learnings helped one of Europe‘s fastest growing online pharmacies to significantly increase its profitability and revenue by implementing advanced machine-learning based pricing.

How Vitafy Uses Price Optimization and Demand Forecasting to Boost their Profit and Sales

7Learnings helped Vitafy find a solution that could deal with an increasing number of SKUs, tap into existing margin potential and automate the pricing process.

Fashion Retailer Tamaris Achieves 5% Reduction in Discount Rate Leveraging 7Learnings & Tradebyte

Learn how Tamaris combined Tradebyte’s market penetration capabilities with 7Learnings’ price optimization functionalities to achieve its business goals.

Why our customers love 7L

See what our customers say about using 7Learnings.

“7Learnings is making a great job in supporting us to implement an advanced pricing system.”

Hannes Wiese

“With their data driven approach, 7Learnings was able to increase our profits for sunglasses significantly.”

Daniel Wunderlich
Daniel Wunderlich
Head of Controlling & Analytics, Mister Spex

“The 7Learnings solution has significantly increased our profitability and greatly simplified the pricing process.”

Dirk Wappler
CEO & Co-founder, Apologistics

“7Learnings helped us to generate >15% more sales and >10% more revenue and profit.”

Oliver Roskopf
Chief Marketing Officer, Vitafy

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