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The intelligence of dynamic pricing illustration
The intelligence of dynamic pricing illustration

Dynamic pricing solution trusted by the market leaders in online retail


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market leaders

We helped Europe’s leading online retailers to upgrade their pricing process. Our software uses latest machine learning technology and do not depend on rule-based pricing.


Increase profits & revenues by up to 10%

With our experience from fashion retail we excel in measuring price elasticities also from very sparse data. This increases the pricing lever, leads to improved optimization results and a fast ROI.


Simply steer towards your business goals

Our highly accurate forecast allows you to generate optimal prices according to your business goals with only one click. Setting prices has never been more intuitive.


Benefit from hassle-free integration

Our solution does not require a complex technical integration. We work with the raw data you provide to us. Our platform allows for various ways to integrate data. You receive the results in the format you need.

Harness the full potential of machine learning with our dynamic pricing software

Capture the willingness to pay of your customers

The foundation of our price optimizations is our forecasting technology. Our cloud-based software uses advanced machine learning models to identify demand and price elasticity drivers. Based on these drivers, it forecasts profit and revenue for all relevant price points.

Our fashion industry background enables us to cope with seasonal products, frequent assortment changes and low sellers. For example, our machine learning models learn across products to forecast price elasticity. 

As a result, our forecast accuracy is industry benchmark. This is regularly tested in live AB tests at our clients.

illustration of forecast dashboard
happy dynamic pricing customer example

Optimize prices according to your business goals

Following the forecasting step, we apply our price optimization technology. You simply set the targets for the optimization. After that, our algorithm calculates the prices that will maximize your business goals. Within 5 minutes, the optimized prices will be delivered. Price steering has never been more intuitive.

You can choose the frequency of price changes. Our dynamic pricing software captures the full potential of the available data and adjusts your prices accordingly.

Additionally, you can customize the optimization with price rules. For example, you can create price rules to set maximum discounts. You can choose the granularity you need and create rules on e.g. brand, category or even product level.

Market leading companies trust us

"7Learnings is making a great job in supporting us to implement an advanced pricing system."

"7Learnings supported us brillantly with price optimization."

"7Learnings uses cutting-edge machine learning technology to get the most out of the data."

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