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Stop losing profits due to suboptimal price rules.
Start setting prices that maximize your results.

Maximize your results with the latest pricing technology

+10% profits and revenues

Our optimization algorithm increases shop revenues and profits by up to 10%. Realize benefits in only a few weeks - not years.

Simple target steering

Reduce manual effort to manage price rules. Simply optimize prices according to your business goals with only one click.

Maximum transparency

Receive accurate forecasts on the impact of your price changes. Easily comprehend price suggestions of the algorithm.

No integration effort

Our solution works on your raw data and with every backend system. We provide the data cleaning and aggregation needed.

Our Solution

We offer a smart dynamic pricing software for e-commerce and omnichannel retailers

We help you to shift from spreadsheets to the leading online pricing software based on machine learning technology. Our software provides highly accurate forecasts and estimates price elasticity based on multiple data sources. It generates optimal prices according to your business goals. You can run different profit and revenue scenarios and simulate the impact of your dynamic pricing strategy.


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