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Predictive Pricing

How to upgrade to the latest retail price optimization technology
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This free whitepaper was developed by our in-house team of pricing experts as a guide to the latest advancements and opportunities in pricing strategy and price optimization. Our industry experts have experience developing price optimization solutions for leading e-commerce and online retailers – including Zalando, ABOUT YOU, and more. 

For e-commerce and online retailers, it has never been more important to be able to respond quickly to changes in an increasingly complex market environment. In order to avoid being outperformed by competitors, you have to be able to be agile and keep on top of technology and methodologies to optimize your business. With recent advances in machine learning-based pricing technology, you now have a newly available suite of powerful tools available to help manage price optimization for your retail business. 

This free whitepaper highlights the benefits predictive pricing can offer your company. Building on price optimization techniques, predictive pricing is uniquely able to derive additional value from existing data, and creates more benefits for retailers who implement it. It gives you greater insight and control over your price settings with its forecasting capabilities and intelligent optimization algorithms. Predictive pricing is the technology of choice for retailers who want to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving retail market.

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