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A guide for retailers to make performance marketing and pricing decisions together in one optimization
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What you will learn

The 7Learnings guide to marketing-pricing cross-optimization covers the following topics:

  • Why combining marketing and pricing strategies will increase your profits
  • Challenges of combining your retail marketing and pricing
  • How machine learning creates new possibilities for your business
  • Advantages of cross-optimizing ad spending and pricing
  • How the 7Learnings Marketing Optimization Feature can work for you


Download the free Marketing Optimization Feature e-book and combine your marketing and pricing efforts

Gain expert advice to help you coordinate and improve your marketing and pricing strategies to increase profits for your retail business
This e-book was written by 7Learnings as an introduction and guide to cross-optimizing retail performance marketing and pricing efforts. Our industry experts have experience developing price optimization solutions for leading e-commerce and online retailers—including Zalando, ABOUT YOU and more. Download this e-book and find out what the new 7Learnings Marketing Optimization Feature can do for your retail business.

Retailers have long known that it’s in their best interest to combine marketing and pricing efforts. Without coordination, effective marketing campaigns are often undermined by pricing strategy and vice versa. But until recently, there have been too many variables to take into account to address this. What was the historic conversion rate of the product? At what price was this conversion rate reached? What is the profit after marketing on the product? What happens to the conversion rate if the price changes? How do competitors influence the profit after marketing?

Your business needs complex software to take all variables into account and detect correlations that may not have been visible before. With machine learning technology, 7Learnings has helped retailers be more predictive and optimized in their pricing strategy. Now, we’ve connected marketing data to smart-pricing algorithms to predict how performance marketing will affect sales and allow you to achieve your growth goals.

This free e-book highlights the benefits combined marketing and pricing optimization can offer your company. Download it today and learn how retailers can benefit from combining their marketing activities and pricing strategy.

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