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Join us 05.06.2024 – 15.00 CET to discover the pricing solution of leading retailers
Jun 2024

About this Webinar

Future of Pricing is Here: 7Learnings Demo Day

Traditional pricing methods simply can’t keep up. Join us for a demo webinar and discover how 7Learnings’ cutting-edge AI solution can revolutionize the way you do pricing.

Picture this:

  • 10% profit uplift via optimizing prices for millions of products in minutes. Our advanced machine-learning models analyze vast amounts of data to identify the perfect price point for every item in your vast assortment.
  • Forecast the future with pinpoint accuracy. See the impact of price changes on your KPIs before you make them. Maximize profit, revenue, or salesthe choice is yours!
  • Wave goodbye to stockouts and excess inventory. 7Learnings works with your price elasticity, avoiding costly overstocks and understocks. Hit your sell-through targets and achieve peak profitability with ease.
  • Always one step ahead of the market. Our solution is constantly learning and adapting. Get real-time price recommendations based on the latest market conditions so you can stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Global domination, one price at a time. 7Learnings tailor prices for different sales channels, countries, and regions. Unlock the full potential of your global market and maximize profits across the board.
  • Your PPC campaigns and pricing work together, not against each other. Optimize performance marketing campaigns and pricing together to increase your conversation rates and get the best out of your marketing spent.


  • Why leading retailers moving to predictive pricing?
  • How predictive pricing works?
  • Product tour of 7Learnings predictive pricing solution.
  • Q/A

Join our demo webinar and witness the future of pricing.

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Learn about the latest trends in retail pricing and predictive pricing software.

Kimberly Talens Segui

Senior Account Executive

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