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7Learnings Launches New Podcast “Retail Pricing Insights”

Berlin, Germany – 4th September 2023 – 7Learnings, the AI-powered retail optimization platform, has announced the launch of its new podcast titled “Retail Pricing Insights”. The podcast features discussions with pricing experts from throughout the industry and dives into the latest retail pricing trends. Additionally, listeners will learn about some of the most cutting-edge solutions to today’s most pressing pricing challenges.

The first episode of Retail Pricing Insights will be released on Monday, 19th of September, 2023, and features Sahin Tezsoy, Director of Pricing Management at LUQOM GROUP alongside Ruta Donovan, VP of Marketing and Growth at 7Learnings. The episode will dive into the evolution of pricing strategies, stakeholder management promotion strategies, and how to prepare a pricing organization for Black Friday 2023.

Commenting on the launch on the podcast, Ruta Donovan said: “Today more than ever, there are a variety of challenges that retailers must face, including new competitors, new channels, and new economic issues. All of these have a profound effect on pricing strategies, so it is imperative that retailers stay up to date on the latest trends and the most cutting-edge solutions. 

The Retail Pricing Insights podcast gives listeners access to the latest pricing updates and features discussions with some of the best and brightest in the industry; a must-listen for anyone seeking to optimize their pricing strategies.”

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