Addressing Inflation and Supply Chain Disruptions with Pricing

Purchase prices are going up while retailers are also unsure when they’ll be able to restock popular items. Co-founder Felix Hoffman explains how using a predictive pricing approach instead of rule-based pricing will help you deal with the combination of inflation and supply chain disruptions.

In a 10 minute video you will gain insights on:

Retailers affected by inflation and supply chain issues can benefit from predictive pricing

Presented by ex-Zalando Product Owner for global price optimization algorithm and 7Learnings co-founder, Felix Hoffmann.


At the moment, retailers are being squeezed by two main problems: inflation and supply chain disruptions. Purchase prices are going up, while at the same time, retailers are unsure of when the goods they purchase will actually arrive, or when they’ll be able to restock popular items.

In this video, 7Learnings’ co-founder Felix Hoffman explains that pricing can be the lifeboat that retailers need. However, not all pricing solutions are the same. Find out why an advanced, machine learning-based predictive approach is right for you and your business in these uncertain times.

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