Our Team

Hi, we are 7Learners!

Here at 7Learnings, we aim at hiring, nurturing, and retaining the best professionals (and the best people!). Each and every member of the team is valuable to us, and that care and passion is reflected in both the stellar technologies we create, as well as the exceptional caliber of our team.

Our values

Our unique set of values describe what we stand for and are the foundation for everything we do. These six ideals shape our culture and have an impact on who we are, what we do, and, of course, who we hire. They’re hard-wired into our DNA and will remain constant as we grow. 

We believe in personal growth through curiosity and continuous learning. At 7Learnings we create an environment where constant learning is encouraged. We create a winning team by teaching and helping each other to gain new skills. We believe learning does not happen automatically: You have to put in the work to keep on growing.

We believe in a culture based on transparency and honesty. We call it what it is and don’t beat around the bush. We offer candor feedback to our colleagues and don’t gossip behind their backs. We are honest about our mistakes and face the facts. 

We own it. We are not victims but actively shape the way we work. We take pride in our work and aspire to achieve the best results possible. We do not lose sight of deadlines and balance quality and timely delivery. 

We are living in a fast paced environment where change is constant. We always question the status quo. We are open to change and always focus on the solution - not the problem. 

We are bold and want to solve the big problems. We believe that the bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity. We are not afraid of making mistakes and believe they are an inevitable consequence of doing something new.


Our founders


Felix Hoffmann

 Product Management & Customer Success


Eiko van Hettinga

 Sales, Marketing and Finance


Martin Nowak

Software Engineering

Our tech specialists


Chang-Jyun Yang

Machine Learning Engineer


Yaroslav Mykoliv

Machine Learning Engineer


Mojca Bertoncelj

Data Scientist


Moritz Knabben

Data Scientist


Mario Shtjefni

Data Scientist


Eya Rhouma

Data Scientist


Asena Çiloğlu

Junior Data Scientist


Ananya Misra

Data Scientist


Eva Bertalan

Data Scientist


Elías Alvarez

Junior Data Scientist

Our marketing & sales team


Gonçalo Trindade

Content Marketing Manager 


Ruta Naujokaite

Growth Manager 


Abhishek Kulkarni

Sales Development

Instagram Post 1080x1080 px(2)

Eirini Athanasopoulou

Growth Event Working Student


Fırat Ersin Çorbacı

Growth Analyst Working Student


Ha Doan

Social Media Working Student

Do you want to become a 7Learner?

Whether you want to make a personal or professional breakthrough, 7Learnings has the vision, inspiration, support, and benefits to help you get there. We move quickly and reward effort. We expect results and enjoy doing work that we are passionate about while acknowledging and helping you overcome mistakes. We’re always on the lookout for brilliant, dedicated individuals who are passionate about data, technology, and building a better future not just for the industry, but also for ourselves. Does that sound like you? Then reach out!