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Industry Insights
Brandon Beckett, Senior Data Analyst in Pricing at Flink, delves into the technical intricacies of competitor price benchmarking.
Industry Insights
There are now powerful tools to help retailers overcome excess inventory challenges – read our latest blog to learn how.
Industry Insights
Here, we’ll explore how predictive pricing can help you optimize your Christmas pricing strategy to maximize results.
Industry Insights
AI-based pricing is here to stay. The advantages for companies are significant, but contrary to popular belief this is not bad news for consumers.
Industry Insights, Machine Learning
Learn how 7Learnings helps retailers to master seasonal pricing optimization to drive both short-term and long-term results.
Industry Insights
Insights from Natasza Włodarczykon , Global Pricing Manager at Avon on Inventory Pricing Strategies
Industry Insights
If retailers want to keep growing and get a handle on their overstock situations, they need to find new ways to optimize inventory and prices in sync.
7Learnings Updates
Composable commerce is something 7Learnings adopted early in our development that lets our clients benefit from our best-of-breed approach to pricing.
7Learnings Updates, Industry Insights
7Learnings recently partnered up with EPP – Pricing Platform for a webinar exploring how retail pricing in 2030 will look.
Industry Insights
Learn how predictive pricing represents a silver bullet for retailers struggling to deal with UK inflation.

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