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The Power of Predictive Pricing

7Learnings co-founder Felix Hoffmann shares how retailers can increase profitability with predictive pricing
7Learnings Dynamic Pricing Founder Felix

In this video, 7Learnings co-founder Felix Hoffmann will share:

How retailers can benefit from the latest predictive pricing technology

Presented by ex-Zalando Product Owner for global price optimization algorithm and 7Learnings co-founder, Felix Hoffmann.

The increasing quantities of customer data, growing product ranges, high levels of price transparency and the competitive intensity of online retail are make pricing increasingly challenging for businesses. 

To optimize profits, dynamic pricing has become standard practice in e-commerce and omnichannel retail. However, there is a significant performance gap between conventional (rule-based) and machine learning based pricing. This next generation of pricing – what we at 7Learnings call predictive pricing – uses “real” AI and makes price decisions based on price elasticity measurements.

Predictive pricing is further strengthened by its use of powerful forecasting and optimization algorithms. With these, this technology derives even more value from the existing data, and creates more benefits for retailers who implement it.

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