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  • 7Learnings optimizes prices for e-commerce companies

  • 7Learnings provides a software service to help e-commerce companies optimize their prices

  • Up to 10% more revenue and 5% more profit
  • Highly accurate machine learning based forecast on product level
  • Reduction of manual work with automated toolset
  • Easy to use web based software interface
  • Fast amortisation of project of less than 6 month

  • Felix Hoffmann: Ex-Zalando Product Owner for Price Optimization Algorithm with strategic pricing background from 6y A.T. Kearney engagement
  • Eiko van Hettinga: Ex-Thermondo-COO with proven track record of scaling a startup to market leadership
  • Martin Nowak: Ex-Mobisol Data Science Lead with 10 years experience in Software Engineering and Machine Learning

  • 01.2019: Founding of 7Learnings in Berlin
  • 02.2019: First pilot customer closed
  • 04.2019: Move into co-Working space at FU Berlin
  • 05.2019: Hiring of employee Nr. 1
  • 07.2019: 7L forecasting and optimizer technology beats competing products of leading cloud platform provider in comparative customer testing
  • 08.2019: First version of software interface is online