7Learnings Founders

7Learnings Dynamic Pricing Founder Felix

Felix Hoffmann

Ex-Zalando Product Owner for global price optimization algorithm with 6 years strategic pricing background from consulting career at A.T.Kearney. Responsible for Customer Success, Product Management and Human Resources at 7Learnings.


7Learnings Dynamic Pricing Founder Eiko

Eiko van Hettinga

Ex-Thermondo-COO with proven track record of scaling an E-commerce start-up to market leadership. Previously 3 years strategy consultant with Siemens. Responsible for Finance and Sales at 7Learnings.

Martin Nowak

Ex-Mobisol Data Science Lead with 10 years experience in Software Engineering and Machine Learning. Signal processing expertise acquired at Ableton. Responsible for Data Science and Engineering at 7Learnings.




7Learnings optimizes prices for e-commerce companies


7Learnings provides a software service to help e-commerce companies optimize their prices


Up to 10% more revenue and profit
Highly accurate machine learning based forecast on product level
Reduction of manual work with software
Easy to use web based software interface
Fast amortization of project of less than 6 month