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Marketing Optimization Feature

Price and performance marketing changes often aim at the same goal—increasing customer demand to drive greater revenue and profit. Yet for most retailers, decisions in marketing and pricing strategy are made in isolation, limiting the effectiveness of both. Our Marketing Optimization Feature integrates pricing and performance marketing to maximize your retail performance.

Stationary Retail



Marketing and Pricing Together Graphic
Marketing and Pricing Graph

Marketing and pricing—combined optimization

Adjust marketing factors like cost-per-click and conversion rates while taking into consideration their effects on pricing, profits and revenues.

And because most retailers only use google to optimize their marketing spending, you’ll gain a competitive edge by using the 7Learnings Marketing Optimization Feature.

Pricing decisions with marketing in mind

High marketing costs mean increases in prices and decreases in conversions. Break out of the cycle and make strategic decisions for marketing and pricing at the same time.

Marketing and Pricing Two-Dimensional Graph

Two-dimensional predictions

Both marketing and pricing strategic options are predicted on a product level and made easily available together in the Marketing Optimization Feature.

Integrated marketing and pricing data

Access marketing and pricing KPIs all in the same place—no need to look elsewhere for different data sources.

Marketing and Pricing Data Table

Why choose 7Learnings?

Leading Technology

Say goodbye to outdated pricing tools. Upgrade to  powerful machine learning technology and automate your pricing.


Your ROI is guaranteed, as our software unlocks the full potential of your data and increases your revenues and profits by up to 10%.

Effortless integration

No complex technical integration is required. Upgrade now and start seeing results.

High data

Your data is safe with us. We conduct regular penetration tests and use single user interfaces.

data scientists

Machine learning has changed the retail pricing landscape. With 7Learnings’ powerful machine learning-based software, you access agile, adaptive technology that will keep you in pace with your competitors.

Our intelligent software takes the guesswork out of pricing and reduces manual effort. With a few clicks, you can forecast the impact of pricing changes on business goals. It’s the most intuitive price steering method!

Our team of data scientists has vast experience in retail pricing, and understand the unique challenges and needs of the industry.

7Learnings’ technology can also optimize coupons and SEA spending, allowing for powerful cross-marketing optimization capabilities that support growth and profitability.

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