Dynamic Pricing

Discover how dynamic pricing and 7Learnings can help you optimize sales, maximize profits, and stay competitive.

In today's competitive retail landscape, setting the right price is more challenging than ever. Whether you're a fashion retailer or an e-commerce giant, dynamic pricing is key to staying ahead.

What is Dynamic Pricing?


Dynamic pricing is a method wherein retailers continuously and (semi-)automatically adjust tthe prices of their products to match market demand in order to increase sales opportunities and optimize profits. In other words, variable prices are used instead of fixed prices.

In order to gage the optimal price for a given product, pricing solution software evaluates relevant factors like demand, inventory and competitors’ prices. Based on the retailer’s pricing strategy, the algorithm adjusts product prices to increase and/or maximize sales and profits.

Why is dynamic pricing so important?

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, finding the optimal price for products is essential for staying competitive as a retailer. Factors like seasonality, competition, and inventory levels all play a crucial role. The sheer amount of data to consider, from vast product assortments to rapid market changes and the ease of price comparison online, makes manual pricing strategies insufficient. In order to avoid being outperformed by the competition, retailers have to respond to this dynamic market environment and quickly adjust prices to its ever-changing conditions.

Manual pricing can’t keep up with the dynamic nature of today’s market. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, advanced pricing solutions utilize all available data to ensure your prices are always optimized. Embrace dynamic pricing to stay competitive, profitable, and efficient.

Thrive in a competitive landscape

Why Does Dynamic Pricing Matter?

Adapt to Market Changes

Retail markets are dynamic, with prices fluctuating constantly due to various factors. Dynamic pricing helps you keep up with these changes, ensuring you’re always offering competitive prices.

Maximize Profitability

By analyzing vast amounts of data, dynamic pricing solutions identify the optimal price points that maximize your profit margins without losing customers.

Save Time with Automation

Manual pricing is time-consuming and prone to errors. Dynamic pricing automates this process, allowing you to focus on strategic growth and customer satisfaction.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Competitors are always adjusting their prices. With dynamic pricing, you can quickly respond to their moves and maintain your market position.

Improve Customer Perception

Consistently offering competitive and fair prices enhances your brand image and builds customer trust.

Achieve Business Goals

Dynamic pricing helps you meet key performance indicators (KPIs) by aligning your pricing strategy with your business objectives.

Step into the future of pricing technology

Advanced pricing solutions use machine learning to optimize your prices with all available data. Embrace dynamic pricing to stay competitive, profitable, and efficient.

Dynamic Pricing Examples

Dynamic pricing in fashion retail

According to McKinsey, pricing is one of the most effective levers fashion retailers can use to optimize their sales and profits. Large fast fashion retailers such as Zara or Mango offer an average of 6,000 items for sale per season. 

What is the challenge for fashion retailers?
The unique challenge for fashion retailers is to sell the vast amount of products within the season, as the life cycles of fast fashion items are much shorter than, for example, timeless items such as Rolex watches. 
Fashion retail pricing managers therefore have to take into account inventory levels, among other factors, and set prices in relation to stock levels in order to achieve their seasonal targets. 

How can dynamic pricing help?
To achieve their goals, fashion retailers utilize dynamic pricing to apply discounts, sales and rebate promotions to support a pricing strategy that encourages customers to buy. 
For example, a blouse at Zara may cost 39.90 euros at the beginning of the season, 29.90 euros at the mid-season sale or a special discount promotion, 39.90 euros again thereafter, and 19.90 euros at the end-of-season sale.

Dynamic pricing for e-commerce

Large online retailers such as Amazon or eBay offer millions of products for sale at any given time. With such vast inventories, optimizing pricing strategies becomes crucial for maintaining competitiveness and profitability.

What is the challenge for E-commerce retailers?

The unique challenge for e-commerce retailers is managing the vast and diverse inventory efficiently while responding to constant market changes and customer demands. Unlike fashion, where seasonality plays a major role, e-commerce faces the challenge of dynamic competition and varying product demand. Pricing managers must consider inventory levels, competitor pricing, and market demand to set optimal prices and meet sales targets.

How can dynamic pricing help?

To achieve their goals, e-commerce retailers utilize dynamic pricing to adjust prices in real-time based on various factors such as demand, competition, and inventory levels. This helps in maximizing sales and profits while staying competitive.

For example, a smartwatch on Amazon might be priced at $199 during regular sales, drop to $179 during a competitor’s sale event, go back to $199 once the event ends, and be offered at $149 during a special holiday promotion. This dynamic adjustment ensures the retailer remains competitive, moves inventory efficiently, and maximizes profitability.

How can 7Learnings help you optimize your pricing?

7Learnings offers an intelligent SaaS solution for optimizing your dynamic pricing. Our software uses advanced machine learning technology to predict revenue and price elasticity. The algorithm takes all relevant data into account and evaluates it in order to identify current demand and price elasticity drivers for your entire assortment, optimizing sales and revenue for each individual product.
The software accurately forecasts sales, revenue and profits. With just one click, our customers can generate market-based prices designed to maximize target sales while taking restrictions like current inventory into account. 

Your company’s unique pricing strategy and pre-defined KPIs are used to set up the algorithm so that you can maximize profits, expand your market share, and strengthen your company brand. Automating prices saves you time and frees you up to focus on more exciting tasks.

7Learnings vs. other solutions
Software Comparison


Dynamic Pricing Tools


Predictive Pricing
Supports rule based pricing
Utilizes competitor prices
Learns automatically from past price changes & historic sales
Algorithm considers all relevant data features (e.g. transactions, weather, seasonality)
Delivers sales, revenue & profit forecast
Goal driven steering across the assortment
Supports long-tail & initial pricing
Considers and cross-optimizes marketing decisions (e.g. coupons, promotions or performance marketing )
Dedicated data scientists (as support contact)

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How does 7Learnings’ predictive pricing software work?

Our solution utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning models to analyze internal and external data, such as sales, inventory, and market trends. With this data, our software can make accurate predictions on the impact of price changes on your products. Prices can then be optimized in line with business goals, whether that is to maximize profits, maximize revenues, manage inventory levels, or more.

We build the foundation of our models on transition, product attribute and cost data. If available, we also use stock and marketing data. Our solution is well equipped to work with scarce data sets as it learns across the product categories. This enables us to set optimal prices for low-selling items and even new products.

The 7Learnings platform effortlessly connects with various backend systems. Our data scientists specialize in processing your unrefined data, ensuring it’s well-organized and prepared to initiate operations. We will guide you through the setup process every step of the way. 

Outcomes may vary, but the majority of our clients typically see considerable gains in profitability and sales within the first weeks of using our solution.

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